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Why I Am Running For

City Council

I did not think that I would have a calling in politics in my early 20s, like most Americans I felt a complete disconnect from government, and after graduating from Hofstra University I was too busy working two jobs, seven days a week. When your life is like this, when you`re not financially secure, it`s all you think about, it consumes you. As I got older and more financially secure I began to realize how impactful the government and it`s policies,

for better or worse, have on our everyday lives. This is what motivated me to get into politics: the realization that those who get involved are the only ones who can make an impact, whether big or small. Getting involved has allowed me to find many others who share my concerns and solutions for government. I hope to find many others as well during this campaign and carry those voices along with me to City Hall. 


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Matthew Morgan

City Council District 39

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